Maxspect MJ-L165 Blue Edition

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MJ-L165 One System, Multiple Spectrums

Full-Spectrum with Multi-Phase Color Temperature Technology

With our proprietary technology, the L165 LED lighting system can be easily configured to different color spectrums without sacrificing performance!


MJ-L165 Blue SPS AB+ Spectrum Explained



Ⓐ Chlorophyll A requires more deep blue and violet spectrum

Ⓑ Whereas Chlorophyll B requires more blue and cyan spectrum

Ⓒ Both Chlorophyll A and B requires red spectrum

- Moonlight with Automated Lunar Cycle

- Profile Library allows easy access and sharing of setting profiles

- Acclimation Schedule for your corals to adapt to the new light


MJ-L165 Blue Specification





    6x Red 620nm

     6x Green 530nm

     6x Blue 460nm

     6x Warm White 3000K

     10x Sky Blue 470nm

     2x Deep Blue 445nm

     2x Royal Blue 450nm

     2x Violet

     2x Ultra Violet