AI Nero 5

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Aqua Illumination's Nero 5 creates an adjustable broad flow that is strong but gentle at the same time. With BlueTooth LE technology you can set the pump up into different modes, or create a daily schedule to change the flow up throughout the day and other advanced features. 


  • Compact with a lot of flow; up to 3000 gallons worth
  • 4 flow modes:
    • Random - simulates high-energy reef environments
    • Pulse - undulating high and low flow
    • Constant - a continuous stream at a chosen intensity
    • Schedule - customize the pump`s mode for different parts of the day
  • Easy setup; just connect and go
  • Schedule settings via myAI, creating a schedule that suits your tank`s needs.
  • A ton of flow from a small in-tank footprint
  • Direct the the flow in a range of 15 degrees on all sides, to where your tank needs it most


  • Dimensions: 2.1" Length by 2.8" Diameter
  • Max glass thickness: .5" or 13mm
  • Max Flow: up to 3000 gph
  • Power consumption: 30w max


  • Nero Submersible pump
  • Dry-side and wet-side magnets
  • AC adapter w/ universal plug adapter set