Auto Filter ROL-FIL 2500A

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Automatic Fleece Filter

  • Advanced Automatic Mechanical filter
  • Filters Aquarium water down to 50 microns and replaces the need for high maintenance filter bag/filter sock systems.
  • Integrates water level sensor ensures that as the filter roll material becomes clogged with detritus and waste, new filter material is automatically replaces ensuring constant removal of waste and fuss free operation.
  • Precision engineered from the highest quality materials.
  • Compact, space saving design allowing easy installation in most sumps*
  • Accessible parts - for easy removal and replacement of filter roll and simple cleaning.
  • 45 metre long filter roll offering months of easy use.

Maximum flow rate:

  • RolFil-2500 - 2500l/h
  • RolFil-5000 - 5000l/h

Maximum aquarium size:

  • RolFil-2500 - 500L
  • RolFil-5000 - 1000L

Low Voltage/wattage(12v/16w)

  • ROLFIL-2500A: 105(l) x 180(w) x 320(h)mm
  • ROLFIL-5000A: 135(l) x 230(w) x 350(h)mm

*Mounting stand is sold seperately

**RolFil-2500A = 20m