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Neptune Systems AWM

The AI Wireless Module (AWM) by Neptune Systems provides the ability to control AI Vega and Hydra series LED fixtures from your AquaController system.

This enables complete integration with all the control and functionality offered by the Apex system - for example, to modify your lighting plan based on time of day or day of week, or change colors through the day from dim in the morning to bright white during the middle of the day, set lighting condition by weather profiles, etc.

The AquaController Apex System delivers an expandable, professional quality aquarium controller at hobbyist prices.


  • Wirelessly controls up to 12 AI Vega and Hydra LED fixtures add additional AWM modules to control
  • more.
  • 19 different wireless frequencies that insure you get reliable communications.
  • Lighting modes can be changed based on conditions and events throughout the day using powerful
  • Apex programming commands.
  • Supports weather profiles clouds and lightning can be incorporated in your lighting strategy
  • The AWM attaches to and is powered by the Apex system via AquaBus.
  • Automatic Plug N Play for easy setup and configuration.
  • Lights can be dynamically added/removed from the system.
  • Upgradable AWM firmware through AquaBus via the Apex Base Module.
  • Multi-color LED Status and Wireless Status indicators.
  • 2 AquaBus ports for flexible system connections.
  • Comes with a 3-feet AquaBus cable.
  • Compatible with all Apex systems Apex, Lite and Jr.