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AZ Spectra Planted LED

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Experience the Spectra Planted’s Advantage

  • Hydrophytes Spec’ed. Spectra Planted provides the spectrums and PAR value required for optimal Aquatic plants (Submerged and Emergent, Green and red Foliage) growth and health.
  • Miracle Spectrum. Unique technology that instantly enhances your fishes by giving a unique shine and colour depth on the scales.
  • Brightness Control. Adjust the brightness according to your aquarium needs.
  • Full LEDs. Lower energy consumption, low heat emission and safer compared to standard fluorescent and metal halides.
Code No. Description Length with Extendable Stand 5000K LED Bulb RGB LED Bulb 4500K LED Bulb Total Energy Consumption
AL479 Spectra Planted 60 60-80cm 1.5W x 12pcs 1.5W x 6pcs 1.5W x 6pcs 36W
AL480 Spectra Planted 90 90-110cm 1.5W x 18pcs 1.5W x 9pcs 1.5W x 9pcs 54W
AL481 Spectra Planted 120 120-140cm 1.5W x 24pcs 1.5W x 12pcs 1.5W x 12pcs 72W
AL482 Spectra Planted 150 150-170cm 1.5W x 30pcs 1.5W x 15pcs 1.5W x 15pcs 90W