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Fauna Marin Bacto Energy 250ml

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BACTO ENERGY is a special carbon source designed to feed nutrient reducing bacteria in marine aquariums.

  • Safely reduces nitrite, nitrate, and phosphate
  • Provides a reliable method for the removal of nitrogen compounds
  • Directly supports denitrifying bacteria (good bacteria)
  • Highly concentrated for cost-effective dosing
  • Easy to dose and 100% reef safe


Daily 2 - 5 ml per 1000 liters depending on the nutrient content and the animal stocking.

For older tanks with high nutrient values, first carry out a phosphate reduction with ULTRA PHOS and reduce the dosage to 75%. Increase the dosage every 2 weeks to approx. 10%, always check the current water values.

In case of occurrence of slimy deposits on the aquarium glass, and stones, the dose is too high. Please always carry out all changes to the aquarium carefully!



Also available in 500ml and 1000ml (1L)