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Fauna Marin Bacto Blend

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Start up your saltwater aquarium with Fauna Marin Bacto Reef Blend

Fauna Marin Bacto Blend bacteria system for marine aquarium is a special composition of halophilic and phototrophic bacteria cultures that quickly activates and stabilizes all relevant biological nutrient cycles in your reef aquarium.

With hydrolytic enzymes and special nitrogen bacteria reducing unwanted nutrients and sludge buildup, plus improved growth and colour for your fish and coral, you can rest easy knowing you've got the best of the best.

And don't forget about the best part – NO sulfide, no rotten egg smell, no problem-o!

German-engineered and produced, your tank will thank you for a blast of bacto-goodness!

BACTO BLEND: our all-rounder!

  • Super concentrated mixture of halophilic and phototrophic bacteria
  • Perfect bacterial mixture for starting a salt water aquarium
  • Contains hydrolytic enzymes and special nitrogen bacteria for reduction of unwanted nutrients
  • Reduces sludge and detritus buildup, highly effective against unwanted bacterial deposits
  • Improves growth and coloration of fish and corals
  • Fresh ocean smell / improves skimmer performance
  • Contains NO sulfide or other toxic preservatives
  • No foul odor or rotten egg smell
  • Live bacteria / effect immediately after dosing
  • Highly concentrated for cost-effective dosing
  • Developed and produced in Germany