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Bubble Magus Media and BioPellet Reactor BP100 is an internal multi-purpose fluidize media reactor that can be use with carbon, GFO, or Biopellets.

Bubble Magus BP100 is a biopellet reactor highly effective at lowering nitrates in saltwater tank, a great addition to protein skimmer for water filtration.

With a small spacing saving design with an energy efficient pump that draw water from below and creating an up flow water movement toward the top of the reactor and exit out the top.

The Bubble Magus protein skimmer removes proteins and wastes from water, resulting in improved water quality for fish and corals growth.

3 way to use this reactor:

  1. Carbon reactor: Leave sponge and bottom plate.
  2. GFO reactor: Remove bottom sponge only.
  3. BioPellet reactor: Remove bottom plate, bottom sponge, and top sponge.


  • Model: BP100
  • Polished cell cast acrylic
  • Reactor diameter_3.5 inch
  • Pump: WP600
  • Power: 220V/110V, 11W
  • Internal volume: 1.5L
  • Size: 146*179*450mm