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Whisper Quiet COR-15

The Neptune Systems COR-15 is a 1500 gph (5700 lph) variable-speed return pump, with brushless, DC-driven motor that runs smoothly and is extremely quiet.

The return pump is probably the most important equipment of your aquarium. The return pump circulates water which carries nutrients, basically the life-blood of a tank.

To maintain a successful aquarium, start with the Neptune Systems COR-15 return pump that is intelligent, whisper quiet and energy efficient.

1500 gph (5700 lph)

A single COR-15 provides enough flow for aquariums up to 120 gallons. Larger systems can use two COR-15 for redundancy and disaster prevention.

1LINK Power Connection

Allows the COR-15 to work with ANY Apex system that has an available 1LINK port. This could be one of the 1LINK ports on your Energy Bar 832 or on the separate 1LINK module.

Internal or External Applications

With the included fittings, the COR-15 can be plumbed to work either externally, or submerged in a sump.

IQ-Level Feature

Lets you customise the minimum and maximum flow rate for your aquarium

1.25 inch Union

Includes oversized 1.25 inch BSPP to 1.25 inch Slip PVC Union.

Silent and Energy Efficient

COR-15 has a brushless, quiet DC-driven motor which at full run consumes less than 50W power.

No Power Brick

The COR-15 uses the existing power supply inside the Energy Bar 832 or the one shared on the 1LINK module. Hence, there is no extra power adapter brick and power cords required to operate it, thus easy to setup, and a cleaner installation.


The specifications of Neptune Systems COR-15:

  • Pump Dimensions 3.875-inch W x 4.875-inch H x 6.250-inch D
  • Driver Dimensions 3-inch W x 4-inch H x 1-inch D
  • Max Flow 1500 GPH
  • Max Head 14FT
  • Input Size 1-inch Slip PVC
  • Output Size 3/4-inch Slip PVC or 1 1/4-inch Slip to BSPP Union
  • Power Consumption Less than 50W @ 120VAC


  • 1x COR-15 Pump Body
  • 1x COR Driver Controller
  • 1x 1.25-inch PVC Union (slip to BSPP)
  • 1x 1-inch Slip Fitting
  • 1x 0.75-inch Slip Fitting
  • 1x 4-meter (13-foot) 1Link Cable
  • Requires 1Link Port & Apex Controller for use.