CPA-100 Air Pump

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The Hailea CPA-100 AC/DC Air Pump produces high air pressure and operates at low noise. When it is AC powered, the internal battery gets charged automatically. When power is cut off, the air pump will continue to run on battery for up to 8 hours.

The pump switches to DC mode when AC is cut off. This ensures no disruption to the air supply of your aquarium.

The air output is adjustable to meet the needs of your aquarium. Comes with intelligent microcomputer control system on board, and safe battery technology.


  • Microcomputer-controlled
  • Auto switch between AC and DC battery backup
  • Maintenance-free 12V battery inside
  • Internal battery recharges automatically
  • High-quality motor with consistent air output
  • Uses oil-free technology to generate clean air, thus no contamination of aquarium
  • Adjustable air output
  • Multi-level muffler and damping systems for silent and low-noise level


Specifications of Hailea CPA-100 AC/DC Air Pump:

 Name Hailea CPA-100
Voltage 220V - 240V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power / Watt  22W
Air Output  50 L/Min x2
Pressure  0.025mpa