Flipper Feeding Kit [Add-ons]

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  • FL!PPER Feeding Kit Turns ANY Fl!pper Aquarium Cleaner into a Versatile Feeding Station! Scrub, Scrape, Fl!p and now FEED with FL!PPER, all without getting your hands wet!
  • FEED YOUR FISH.. NOT YOUR FILTER! Unique sealed feeding tube creates an air/fluid level below the water surface, allowing slow release feedings anywhere in your aquarium... even at the bottom!
  • Helps with spot feeding shy bottom dwelling creatures, etc. Velcro Attached Veggie Clip easily attaches to the pad side of any Flipper Cleaner for mobility anywhere in your tank.
  • Compatible with All Fl!pper Aquarium Cleaners - Nano, Standard, & MAX!
  • SHOW OFF YOUR TANK! Nobody likes a dirty fish tank! Clean it up with Flipper's full line of patented fish-friendly aquarium products! Easy, Hands-Dry Tank Maintenance with Tools that work! Start FL!PPIN' Today!