HI97105 Marine Master Multiparameter Photometer

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Accurately check pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Low Range and High Range Nitrate, Ultra Low range Nitrate, and Ultra Low range Phosphate with one single, compact multiparameter tester !

All-In-One Testing with Precise Results for Reef Tanks
The HI97105 Marine Master Photometer is a waterproof tester that combines accuracy and ease of use into one simple, portable design. Its advanced, lab-quality optical system ensures accurate readings while its user-friendly design and built-in tutorials make it perfect for marine scientists and aquarium hobbyists alike.

  • Precise and advanced LED optical system
  • No warm up time needed before taking a measurement
  • Waterproof and floating IP67 meter design
  • CAL Check validation and calibration
  • Consolidates testing needs into one unit
  • Includes auto-data logging features to easily record water testing results
  • On-screen tutorial mode guides users step-by-step through the measurement process
  • Option to select measurement location for better tracking consistency
  • Auto shut-off


each Marine Master is supplied with:

• Sample cuvette (2 pcs)
• Sample cuvette cap (2 pcs)
• 1.5V AA Alkaline batteries (3 pcs)
• Instrument quality certificate
• Instruction manual