HK 300A 1/4 HP

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Hailea HK-300A chiller keeps aquarium temperature stable for fish and corals to thrive. It has a digital temperature controller for precise temperature control.

Hailea chillers are value for money considering that their reliability has been proven over many years here in Singapore.

Key Features - HK series

  • Uses environmentally-friendly Freon-Free R134a refrigerant.
  • Anti-corrosive Pure Titanium Heat Exchanger.
  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater chilling.
  • New Quick-Chill Boost function (2hr and 24/7) for fast chilling of water to preset temperature.
  • Reliable and quiet operation.

Specifications of HK-300A

These are the specifications of Hailea HK-300A:

  • Power: 1/4HP
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Working Current: 1.8A
  • Tank Capacity: 300L (recommended)
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Flow Rate: 1500-3000L/h
  • Weight: 18.6kg
  • Dimensions: 457 x 330 x 430mm