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Ick•Shield 2mm Sinking Pellet 125g

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New Life Spectrum "Ick Shield" Sinking Pellets

New Life Spectrum Ick Shield is a life-saving medicated fish food that combats devastating Ich and a variety of other ectoparasites including Velvet Disease, Trichodiniasis, etc. These 1 mm sinking pellets are specially formulated to disrupt the trophont, which is the most harmful feeding stage of Ich-causing parasites.

In addition to its active ingredients, Ick Shield features a highly concentrated nutrition profile to support the general health and well-being of your aquarium fish. To entice ailing fish that are less inclined to eat, these wholesome pellets offer an extremely palatable taste. They incorporate all-natural ingredients to mask the infused medication, and will not induce stress or suppress appetites when administered as directed.