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Ick•Shield 50g

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New Life Spectrum "Ick Shield" Powder 50 gr. 
New Life Spectrum Ick Shield Powder is a life-saving medicated treatment that combats devastating Ich and a variety of other ectoparasites including Velvet Disease, Trichodiniasis, etc. For maximum effectiveness, this easily administered bath solution fights both the infectious (tomite) and feeding (trophont) stages of ectoparasite life cycles.
Ick Shield Powder is ideal for treating ailing fish that are less inclined to eat Ick Shield medicated pellets due to diminished appetite. It treats a wide range of freshwater and marine fish (including scaleless species), and offers a broad safety margin even far beyond the recommended dosages.

Please Note: For use with ornamental aquarium fish only. Ick Shield Powder should NOT be used with anemones or corals, but will not harm other invertebrates at advised dosages. Ideal for use in hospital/quarantine tanks.