Maxspect Phosphree 500ml

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Nano-Tech Phosphree is a polymer resin that is chemically stable and does not leak any metal ions into the water column unlike metal-based absorbents.


Phosphree is specially designed to absorb phosphate at a much slower pace compared to other metal-based absorbents, giving time for corals to acclimate to the reduction of phosphate in the water column.


In contrast, Phosphree keeps your tank water clear and sparkling.


500 ml (17 fl oz) will remove 3 ppm of phosphate from a 2000 liters (528 gallons) marine/reef aquarium.


To establish a controlled environment for Phosphate Absorption Rate Test, we’ve prepared three tanks with 100L of seawater, all containing 1.0ppm (±0.03) of phosphate.

※ Tank A: 100L of seawater with 60ml of Iron-Based Absorbent
※ Tank B: 100L of seawater with 60ml of Aluminum-Based Absorbent
※ Tank C: 100L of seawater with 60ml of Nano-Tech Phosphree
※ Photometer used to test for phosphate: Hanna HI97713 Phosphate Low-Range Portable Photometer


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