MJ SK series Protein Skimmer

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MJ-SK Series Protein Skimmer


  ①   Front Dial

  ②   Dual Outlet

  ③   Dual Intake

  ④   Overflow Detection Sensor

  ⑤   Air Intake

  ⑥   Can Be Taken Apart Easily


Patented Dual Needle Wheel Design



DC Powered Skimmer with Smart Control

Features loaded: Feeding mode, overflow protection, start delay and more.


Innovative designs - not your typical skimmer



Easy Maintenance


Model MJ-SK400 MJ-SK800
Wattage 25w 50w
High Bioload 400L/100Gal 900L/237Gal
Medium Bioload 700L/185Gal 1800L/475Gal
Low Bioload 1,000L/265Gal 2,700L/713Gal
Water Level 18-22cm/7"-8.5" 19-24cm/7.5"-9.5"
Height 555.5mm/21.75" 600mm/23.5"
Foot Print 200mm×200mm/
Water Flow 1,200LPH / 317GPH 1,800LPH / 475GPH
Air Intake 600LPH / 158GPH 800LPH / 211GPH