Neo Inlet Net

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Neo Inlet prevents shrimp and baby fish from being sucked into the filter.

Why not?? Change it!!

Transparent and unbreakable material

Unlike sponge and stainless inlet, it is made of transparent PETG material, so it does not spoil the aesthetics of the tank.

Safety net for shrimp and baby fish

400ea, 1mm holes are precisely drilled to prevent sucking of shrimp and baby fish.

Transparency may decrease over time.

There are scratches during the manufacturing process, and more may occur in the future.
Please contact the place of purchase for compatibility with other inlet ports.


Inner diameter M about 13mm, L about 17mm
Material: PETG

※ Transparency may decrease over time, depending on water quality.

Keep out of reach of children and pet
Use for Aquarium
Unnecessary force can break products