Neo Solution

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Neo Solution can be used in response to many different symptoms by undernourishment and optimally used according to kinds of aquatic plants.
Using high quality materials and insolubilized FE-DTPA in above Ph7.0 Added plant based amino-acid and humic acid to Solution 2 for optimized growth.

Performance of Neo solution

Tank Circumstance

  • Tank size : 900x360x400
  • Light : T5 white * 4
  • filter : Eheim 2217
  • Soil : Neo Compact Plants Soil
  • bottom fertilzer : No
  • Co2 : 1 bubble/ 1 second
  • Water change : 20%/ 1 week

2016. 5. 20
Immediately after trimming


2016. 6. 7
After trimming 18 days
Neo solution Usage : 1cc/ 10 Liter per 3 days


Features of each Neo solution series



N, K, Mg, P

Aids in promotion of photosynthesis in aquatic plants and growth speed

In a bad condition; when found holes in old leaves, color change and etc.


Fe, B, Mo, Ca and other essential micro elements, amino-acid and humic acid

Balances growth and color, especially strengthens red color

Bleached new leaves, twisted, colorless



Promote photosynthesis

In a bad condition ; when found holes in old leaves



strengthens red color

In a bad condition ; Bleached new leaves


Undernourishment and the response


Lack of phosphate

Red leaves turn green.New leaves become smaller at the same time.Old part in the foreground gets bad

Remedy : Solution 1


Lack of K

Holes in old leaves. Lack of photosynthesis

Remedy : Solution 1, Solution K


Lack of Fe

Bleached new leaves or weak red color

Remedy : Solution 2, Solution Fe
Lack of Ca

Unusual growth of new leaves or twisted

Remedy : Solution 2

How to use

1cc(1 pumping)/10 litter in every 3 days, twice after water change. Adjustable according to the condition of aquatic plants.

Recommended usage

The recommended dosage for a well maintained tank is 1cc/10 Liter per 3 days. (For reference, 1 pump about 2ml)

When algae appears,

Decrease the amount of liquid fertilizer usage and change water periodically.
The quantities of Co2 and light also need to be decreased along with lighting time. Put in algae eating animals such as Yamato shrimp.


  • Only use as a fertilizer for aquatic plants.
  • Do not use for shrimp breeding tank
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Sediment may normally appear, so shake it well before use.
  • For optimized growth needs Co2, filter, fertilizer and etc.


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