Neo V - Premium Vitality

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Improve appetite and promote spawning

Nitrate reduction

Note) Nitrates are reduced only when the filtration cycle is stable and the excess components in the water tank are balanced.

Contain natural amino acids and various nutrients

It is contained with natural amino acids and bacteria food, so bacteria activate immediately after injection and decompose pollutants.

Contain a high concentration of natural humic acid

Natural humic acid increases fish activity.

Containing natural minerals

It contains a lot of natural minerals, not artificial, and provides more buffers to keep the water quality stable.

Recommended usage

40 liters (approximately 10 gallons) tank with Neo V 10ml
1cap = 5 ml (300 ml product) or 10 ml (1 liter product)

※ It's a little viscous, and over time it weakens, but it's normal.
※ It has a slightly strong smell due to the use of natural ingredients, but it is normal.
※ When recommended usage is added, it is safe for fish to eat Neo V.
※ If you add too much, the water may become cloudy.
※ It is not transparent and natural ingredients are observed when added, but they dissolve soon.
※ Shake it before using it.
※ Use it only for aquariums and stay away from children and pets.