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NL Spectrum Regular Small Pellet 0.5 140g

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Natural Series Products

Our new Naturox series versions of our products are available for each of our original product lines.  The products use ingredients only preserved through vacuum packing (antarctic krill) or using all-natural Naturox instead of ethoxyquin.  In addition, the new formulas feature the next generation of our Spectrum Nutrition Formula, reducing grains and adding great ingredients like squid, ginger, and mineral-rich bentonite clay into the mix.


  • Complete nutrition for marine and freshwater fish
  • 1mm – 1.5mm sinking pellet
  • Provides all essential proteins and amino acids
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • High-quality, easily digestible krill, squid and scallop whole fish proteins
  • Contains algae and seaweed rich in trace elements
  • Made with garlic and ginger for better health
  • Naturally enhances your fish’s color
  • Made in USA