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Compact Overflow System

Thanks to the thoughtfully-compact dimensions of 40mm and 25mm, the Oceanlife Overflow System fits into the aquarium tank seamlessly without the need for any unsightly overflow columns.

This frees up the entire water space for your fishes and plants. The result is a natural and pleasant-looking aquarium.

It's compact size means there is virtually no resistance to the return water, hence ensuring uninterrupted recirculation from main tank and sump.

The pipes are located in the back of the tank, for ease of maintenance and cleaning. For cleaning, simply turn and remove the front grille, no need to stop the return pump.


  • Extremely compact size, does not hinder recirculation
  • No need for ugly overflow columns
  • Non-intrusive to fishes and plants
  • Easy to clean as pipes are in the back of the tank
  • Can be cleaned without stopping return pump


  • Suits glasses from 8 to 20 mm without requiring modification
  • Flow rate : 3500 liters per hour
  • Dimensions: 40mm and 25mm
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 500 litres but for best results, aquarium exceeding 400 litres is best served by 2 units of the overflow devices