Ocean Prime Copepods 2mm

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Copepods are a type of tiny crustacean zooplankton that is considered as the world’s largest bio-resource. Most aquatic species are dependent of copepods during parts of or their whole life cycle. They are eaten by fishes, larval fishes, corals, jellyfish, shrimps, filter feeders and many more.

Ocean Prime Copepods have a nutritional profile that meets the requirements of fish, crustaceans, invertebrates and corals. The typical lipid content is 10-15%, and a protein content of about 50% of dry weight. The lipids are rich in essential fatty acids as DHA and EPA bound to phospholipids and also contain high levels of pigments like astaxanthin.

Ocean Prime Copepods are harvested in clean, unpolluted Arctic waters, with eco-friendly harvesting methods. The preservation technique involves no harmful additives which makes the nutritional quality far better compared to frozen feed. Ocean Prime Copepods are 100% clean. Needs no pre-rinsing before use. The product is sterilized for bio-security and sealed, minimizing nutrient leakage. No added preservatives.

Suitable for saltwater and freshwater fish, corals, invertebrates and crustaceans. When used as a supplement feed, Ocean Prime will play a vital role in the coloration, growth and survivability.  Through its buoyancy, Ocean Prime has an excellent capture rate by reef invertebrates like corals and crustaceans, and fish also eagerly accept this unique food.  Ocean Prime can be used as a complete artemia / brine shrimp replacement.  By feeding your fish with a diet comprising up to 25% Ocean Prime they will reward you with increased immune-resistance, and enhanced sexual maturity.

Ocean Prime is available in 500-700 microns and 2mm size copepods. Each pouch contains 50 grams of whole / intact copepods.

After opening:

As long as the aluminum pouch  is closed, you can store the copepods at room temperature for up to 3 years. Once opened, you must treat the contents as a fresh product. Only use clean tools  (e.g. a spoon) and try to avoid cross-contamination. Close the pouch with a rubber band or bag clamp to keep bacteria and oxygen out and place the pouch in the refrigerator. Use the copepods within 1-3 weeks.

For smaller tanks or to avoid fishy smells in the refrigerator, it is better to store the copepods in the freezer. Empty the pouch make a bar or portions of the copepods and put it in the freezer. Use the copepods within 3 months.

Feed only as much as your aquarium will consume in 3-5min.