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P180 Peninsular Tank

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Appearance of P-Series is simple yet stylish. It’s suitable for multiple home decor styles. The Display Tank is made with Ultra White colorless glass, which provides exceptional clarity. It doesn’t distort the true color spectrum of your marine inhabitants.

Our proprietary methods of building the Display Tanks along side the unique properties of Wacker Silicones, enables us to provide the end-user with a 3-year warranty.  Wacker Pioneered the silicon industry by becoming Europeans first silicon manufacture over 70 years ago in 1947.

The sump filtration system integrates multiple designs. Making it nearly silent due to its uniquely designed weir and dual-outlet system, along with a gate valve for fine adjustments. We also added a preventative safety measure to ensure the main display doesn’t overflow.

The cabinet is made from high-strength PVC, Acrylic wrapped for a high gloss finish and supported by the Alloy frame. This design enables a stronger structural weight-bearing capacity, waterproof, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Acrylic wrap panels offer long-lasting color brightness with excellent surface hardness and smooth finish flatness.