Pleco Pellets 8mm

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8mm - 120g

First Bite Pleco Pellets have been developed to offer a balanced diet for all grazing catfish species. These soft 8mm pellets are produced from an algae based formula suitable for all bottom dwelling plec and catfish species.


  • Small fresh batches produced in house.
  • No bulking agents such starches or flours used in the formulation.
  • Pharmaceutical technology used to produce the feed.
  • Produced at very low temperatures to protect valuable vitamins and other temperature sensitive ingredients.
  • Sealed with an edible out layer.

The feed will only leach when consumed by your livestock with compression in the buccal cavity allowing valuable nutrients to be absorbed by your livestock.

Protein: 30.2%
Fibre: 0.6%
Lipids: 6.43%
Moisture (Approx.): 30%
Phosphorus: 0.86%