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Pohl’s K-Balance 100ml

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Potassium is one of the major elements in seawater and natural levels are very similar to that of calcium levels, 380-410mg/liter. While not consumed as quickly as calcium, it is important to maintain appropriate levels to achieve ideal coral coloration and growth. KZ tests have shown tanks with known potassium deficiencies to show significantly better growth and coloration within days of K-Balance use. K-Balance contains multiple potassium salts in high concentrations.

  • Can be used to enhance growth in SPS corals
  • Enhances blue/purple coloration in Tridacna clams and SPS corals
  • Can aid in preventing old-tank syndrome


Note: Low potassium levels have following characteristics:

  • Montipora stop growing, colors are dull to grey
  • Poccilopora and Stylopora with low potassium level look like they have been out of the water in the air, polyps are inside and color is light without depth and saturation
  • Blue Acropora are also washed-out
  • Seriatopora can show complete tissue necrosis within a few days
  • Turbinaria Reniformis stops growing.


Dosing: 1 mL/25 gallons per day


Warning: Do not increase dosage given on the label. Product is highly concentrated. We recommend to check potassium level regularly like Ca or Mg.