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Fauna Marin RECON X 500ml

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Recon X Supports corals during convalescence

A selected complex of high quality fatty acids in combination with rare amino acids and vitamins supports corals during convalescence after treatment, fragmentation or other damages, e.g. tissue damage caused by parasites. 

Recon X specifically promotes the build-up of tissue, supplies the coral with high-quality proteins for building up resistance and regeneration. In addition, the formation of the basal discs is improved.

Many coral farmers use the product to improve the growth of coral fragments on substrate. 

Recon X contributes:

  • Soft corals and sea anemones

  • Stony corals SPS/LPS

  • azooxanthellate corals


We recommend a treatment period of 4-6 weeks till corals are completly healed. If necessary, the treatment can be extended. Before using the preparation, please read the HTU Recon X and follow the using instructions carefully.

Recon X is used in the aquarium and is safe to use. 

Suitable for:

  • All corals


  • Water, marine fatty acids, proteinacids, traceelements, OrganoPeptidPolymers 


  • 5ml/100 litres ( 26 USgal )/daily 4 - 6 weeks