Xepta Ca+ 850g

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Calcium is one of the most important compounds in our aquariums, especially for those who are interested in maintaining chalky limestone corals (SPS and LPS). It is one of the compounds necessary for its correct growth and development. It is also essential for the life of invertebrate species, and to a lesser extent, is used by the nitrifying bacteria of our aquarium in its metabolic processes.

For all processes involved with this element to develop correctly it is necessary to maintain the level of Ca in the aquarium at around 420 ppm, above this value there is no appreciable improvements in the levels of calcification of corals.

It is not advisable to raise calcium above this value (450ppm), it will cause a decrease in alkalinity, so it is recommended to use this additive only to make corrections of the calcium measured in our aquarium and to use a balanced additive which will give us this element completely balanced with the rest of additives of our aquarium. For this purpose, you have within our range of the balanced additive Xepta Reef Balance.