Xepta KH+ 1000g

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Corals require carbonates for limestone calcification of all LPS and SPS corals. This element is also essential to maintain correctly the pH of our aquarium, as it reacts with acidic compounds produced by the various organisms of the aquarium that are also consuming this element.

Keeping alkalinity at a stable value without fluctuations is a very important matter in reef aquaria. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain this value between 7 – 12 dKH (2.5 – 4.3 mEq/l) and this way we will maintain the pH around 8.3.

It is not recommended to raise the KH above 12, it will cause a decrease of the calcium concentration, therefore it is recommended to use this additive only to make corrections of the KH measured in our aquarium and to use a balanced additive that supplies this element in a balanced way with the other additives of our aquarium. For this, you have within our range of products the balanced additive Xepta Reef Balance.