Superflora - Plant Grow Tropic 24 Watt

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GIESEMANN T-5 / Super Flora is a high-performance T5 tube developed for optimum plant growth and to accentuate the blue & red colors of your fish.
Recommended for tropic / planted Aquaria

GIESEMANN for years has made ​​many attempts to identify a light spectrum, which promotes the growth of aquatic plants as much as possible, and inhibits the growth of algae. Here we detected, that both emergent and submerged (growth outside/inside of the water) plants prefer a spectrum with a low to moderate amount of blue, medium amount of yellow/green, and a significantly increased amount of red. This has been now confirmed by various researchers.

As a result of this research, we present the GIESEMANN T-5 / super flora, whose spectrum is exactly following this knowledge. These fluorescent lamps enables plant growth even of more demanding plant species, such as Tiger Lotus, and also reinforce the red and blue colours of your fish in the freshwater aquarium. We recommend the GIESEMANN T-5 / tropic to be used in conjunction with the GIESEMANN T-5 / super flora for Freshwater and planted aquariums.

Available at all power levels 24, 39, 54 and 80 watts.

Length 550 mm 850 mm 1150 mm 1450 mm
Power 24 Watt 39 Watt 54 Watt 80 Watt
  • Corresponds to the spectral composition of the light under water
  • Inhibits algae growth by specially designed light spectrum
  • Reinforcement of red and blue colors of fish and plants
  • Designed for optimal plant growth

Activates chlorophyll synthesis of aquarium plants

Made in Germany