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Synergy Reef V2 Shadow Overflow

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Synergy Reef V2 Shadow Overflow

The V2 Shadow® Overflow is the latest edition of the SHADOW® overflow system. With over 3 Years of feedback from the Shadow V1, we have made some major changes to the  NEW V2 Shadow® Overflow. Here are some of the new features:

New Features of the V2 Shadow® Overflow

  • New Sealed Rear Lid and Rear Box Design – Redesigned Rear Lid and Rear Box flange makes a water tight seal. This helps eliminates any salt creep issues that may formed with the V1 Shadow®.  We have designed the V2 Rear lid and Rear box to be virtually water tight and prevent salt creep from exiting the box.
  • Exterior Box Slip Fitting Openings Modified – We have modified the 3 x 1.5″ Slip fitting openings in the rear box to allow for better fitting of ANY 1.5″ PVC Pipe or Fitting. This means that you can now dry fit your PVC Pipes into the rear box holes without any worry of damaging the overflow that may have happened with the V1 Shadow®.
  • Re-Engineered Polymer Construction – The Rear Box Material has been changed to a  proprietary new polymer blend! This new polymer allows you to use ANY type of PVC or ABS glue or primer you choose. V1 Shadow® needed special glues to work, not anymore! This means that you can use any PVC Cement that you can find locally or have on hand already. It also makes the rear box even more durable than before!

It is still 100% Injection Molded for the highest quality and most precise fitment! Easy to install and very low profile. Check out the specs of this overflow system. It can be used with as little as 400 gph all the way up to 2500 gph. If you need more flow, just add a second box.

Featuring a removable weir for ease of maintenance and our molded design for fail-safe operation. Our ultra slim design has revolutionized the aquarium overflow and how aquariums get water into their filtration systems. It is a very simple to install, plug and play overflow system. Quiet operation when used to our specifications and tuned properly to your system. Our years of testing and development are what sets our overflow system apart from anything else available.

Designing the overflow –

Being reef hobbyists ourselves, we spent years working on the design of this overflow. We tested hundreds of variations and options before we came to this design. Our fundamental goal was to create a low profile and quiet internal overflow box, while maintaining the flow rates desired by reef hobbyist. We wanted an overflow system that everyone would want to use. Originally we  designed the overflow to fulfill a need for a high flow, quiet, plug and play operation. We built them by hand with flat sheets of acrylic. Using flat sheets for an intricate design like we envisioned was not possible. Designing the overflow with 3D software allows us to add features not possible when building it by hand out of flat acrylic. As we moved forward with the design we wanted to make a product that could be produced for everyone to enjoy. Injection molding was the answer. While it took us a long time to design and manufacture this overflow, it now is exactly where we wanted it to be.   This overflow system was designed by Synergy Reef Systems in the USA!

Manufacturing the overflow –

Injection molding allows us to make every part exactly the same. Every part is molded with the same tolerance and specification. Unlike hand build models, molding allows the Shadow to be precise in fit and form. We use the highest quality US produced Poly-carbonate and ABS in our molding process. Our quality is second to none! There are lots of imitation overflows out there, but ours is the highest quality available, period!

This is a self install kit. You can drill the tank and install this yourself! Instructions are located here: 16″ Shadow® Overflow Installation Manual

Drilling template is included with the overflow and we recommend you use the template when the overflow arrives to align it perfectly. But if you need the drilling template .pdf it is located here: 16″ Shadow Overflow Drilling Template