Xepta I-Up! Iodine 500ml

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Iodine is an element used by most seawater organisms, is used by all invertebrate animals as a critical element for cellular function, and for adding this element into its exoskeleton. It is also used by sponges, soft corals and hard corals. In corals it is used for the synthesis of pigments, which influences the coloration of the same to adapt and protect itself from the different conditions of UV radiation.

Xepta Reef I-UP! is a concentrated solution of Iodine, Fluor and Bromine that solves the deficiencies of these elements in saltwater aquariums and promotes the blue and purple coloration of corals.

Do not use together with Xepta Reef Balance, a problem of toxicity of this element could occur when doubling dose of these elements.

Contents: Iodine, Fluor and Bromine.

Dosage: 1ml / 100l of aquarium water per day.

Iodine is an unstable element inside the aquarium, is removed from the water column by the skimmer, active charcoal filters and animals, so its availability for corals is quite limited.