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ZEOspur Macroelements 500 ml

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ZEOspur Macroelements Concentrate is designed to supplement ZEOspur 2 dosing. Replaces elements most commonly missing from synthetic salt mixes, which in KZ’s experience has shown to maximize coral coloration and growth. Elements include Lithium, Samarium, Vanadium, Palladium, Selenium, Yttrium, Ruthenium, Lanthanum, Cesium, Cerium, tin, Boron …


ZEOspur Macroelements is the optimal addition to dosing ZEOspur 2. Common salt mixes are often missing elements that Korallen-Zucht has found to be important to maintain maximum coloration and growth. Suggested Dose is 5 mL per 25 gallons once a week. Do not exceed recommended dosing amount.